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  • Cheyenne has finally to reveal her secret identity! Now, for the first time ever, get to discover the person behind the groundbreaking, exciting, and absolutely addictive Jen Rice novels!

    • Want to come see Cheyenne in person? Check out the "Upcoming Events" page to see where she's gonna be. 
    • Want to be a part of the adventure? Help grow Jen Rice's world on the all-new Jen Rice Wiki! Currently, there are over 50 pages dedicated to the people, places, and Jen's world, and it keeps growing thanks to fans like you!

    • Need the Press kit? It's on the "Contact Us" page. 
    • Want a pic of Cheyenne? So do we. But for right now, she's not ready to show herself to the world. Check later, and we'll let you know when we her mind!
    We hope to see you again! Check later for new updates. There's much more to come!
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